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Butter & Batter

Biscoff Cookie Butter Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls

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Bam!!  You are welcome.  The same great, soft texture you’re used to from our cinnamon rolls, but with a twist! We’ve added layers of Biscoff cookie butter and crumbled Lotus Biscoff Cookies to these rolls and topped them with a delicious and creamy cookie butter cream cheese frosting and crumbled cookies. 

*Cookie Butter does not contain nuts 


***Cinnamon Rolls take a minimum of two days to prep and bake. Please order in advance if you’d like to have them for a weekend. If ordering on a Friday, they will not be ready until Tuesday of the following week.

All weekend pickups need to be ordered in advance by Thursday cut off.  Some weekends are unavailable.  Please inquire or checkout our Instagram stories for flash sales.  We sell a lot of cinnamon rolls by Instagram stories.