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Butter & Batter

Dairy-Free Edible Cookie Dough Scoops

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Why wait for the cookie when you can have the dough?! 6 bite sized scoops of edible Eggless and Dairy-free edible cookie dough.This dough is made without eggs, cashew butter instead of dairy butter, and heat-treated flour.  We love them frozen or in the fridge!  6 scoops in a 12 oz container

Cinnamon Crunch- . These creamy, cinnamon and sugar cookie dough scoops still pack all the flavor into one bite sized treat. Cashew butter is used in place of dairy butter. *please note, for the vegan version, the CTC topper is not added but for the non-dairy it is included.

S'mores- packed with Golden Grahams Cereal, marshmallow bits, vegan chocolate chips, and graham crackers!